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Centered in community-centric fundraising, Sade Dozan is a seasoned nonprofit administrator, executive, fundraiser, facilitator, and resource-builder. She abides by the following core tenets:

  • community over individual

  • belonging & interdependence

  • holistic not transactional

  • mutual support


As a Black-Latina existing across multiple intersectionalities she navigates equity-based framing and institutional support to ensure equitable fundraising at the intersection of organizational Diversity, Equity, Inclusive & Accessibility (DEIA) goals and critical program growth. 


During a career fundraising for nonprofits with budgets as large as 70M and some as small as $10,000 Sade Dozan saw patterns emerge at many levels. So many organizations face impossible choices when gaps occurred in funding;  lapses could equate to lay-offs, or worse, shutting their doors.


Sade saw an opportunity to translate hands-on-experience into impactful, long-term, change. Sustainability is the key to a nonprofit's ability to grow and scale their impact. She works to ensure that nonprofits, and their leaders, have the tools needed to develop and implement creative and effective strategies for achieving their missions.


Through an exploratory style of facilitation, coaching, and professional development she builds on the knowledges her clients and their communities bring from their real-life experience and translates it into building blocks for tactical success.

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